ALIDMA is the industry body for UK animal identification manufacturers and suppliers.

ALIDMA’s role is to advise on the technical and practical issues relating to the implementation of government policy in respect of livestock identification.

ALIDMA works impartially on behalf of its members.

ALIDMA Members are responsible for 92% of the sheep and cattle tags provided in England, Wales and Scotland *Data Source: DEFRA 2015.


Interested in joining us?

ALIDMA membership offers the following benefits:

• A single voice for the industry
• The sharing of non-competitive information
• Assistance with ensuring compliance
• Facilitating the smooth implementation of change

Latest Press

ALIDMA Signs BVDFree Statement of Intent Today

ALIDMA, The UK's Approved Livestock Tag Manufacturers' Association, has signed the BVDFree England Statement of Intent in support of this important initiative led by AHDB.

Read report:   2016-BVD-FREE-Statement-of-Intent-2-(1).pdf


The members of ALIDMA gathered at The Farmers Club, in London for the Annual General Meeting of the organisation (11th May 2016).  The officers of the organisation are now confirmed as: Chairman - John Symonds, of Symtag, Vice Chairman - Richard Webber of Shearwell Data Ltd and Gill Ainge as Treasurer. 

Following the AGM the members met with DEFRA to discuss a number of subjects including the UK tag approval process, the rollout of Macdonald CPH rationalisation, the future livestock IT landscape, cattle EID and market EID reading performance in regard to EU discusssions on CPRC tolerance.